Sodrugestvo in Russia is one of the largest oilseed crushers.


Sodrugestvo in Russia owns a state-of-the-art port infrastructure and cargo transhipment facilities that provide access to countries and regions with limited access to the global markets.


Through its subsidiaries in Russia Sodrugestvo controls and manages various logistics centres (warehouses) and ports located in the CIS and Baltic States, a fleet of modern grain cars and of light and heavy tonnage vessels. To diversify its logistics business and provide high-quality services to clients, our company renders both door-to-door services, and services in individual segments of logistics.

Storage and Distribution

Sodrugestvo in Russia has developed a unique network of storage and distribution facilities.


The company focuses on supplying oilseed processing products (oilseed meals, oils) to the markets of Russia, the FSU, Baltic States, Northern Europe and Scandinavia as well as supply of grain and other agricultural crops to the markets of Europe, North Africa and other Mediterranean countries.