Sodrugestvo in Russia is a fast-growing agro-industrial company. We have all that is required for success – the qualities that make it possible for us to supply animal and vegetable proteins compliant with top quality standards to fast-developing global markets.

The Company focuses on soybean and rapeseed processing, wide-range of logistics operations, purchasing of grains and oilseeds, as well as distribution of products to the end consumer.

Modern and developed logistical infrastructure ensures that products are delivered on any day to any part of the world’s largest country, Russia. These factors are behind the steady and smooth growth of the Company.

Sodrugestvo Group

Sodrugestvo is established
Rybflotprom is established, which in 2001 was used as a basis to build a plant to manufacture protein/vitamin/mineral additives and protein concentrates, which had subsequently taken 50% of the market of this product in the Russian Federation.
2004—2007 г.г.
Construction of Sodrugestvo-Soy, a major investment project in the Kaliningrad Region.
2005 г.
Sales of Rybflotprom to Provimi International Holding Company, one of the world’s leaders in production of premixes, protein/vitamin/mineral additives and animal feed compounds. According to the terms of transaction, Sodrugestvo shall become the strategic supplier of raw materials and components for production of premixes and feed compounds for the companies that are part of the Provimi Group in CIS during the next five years.
April 2007
Receipt of the first batch of soy meal at the marine terminal of Sodrugestvo-Soy in the Kaliningrad Region. Launching of the terminal for receiving and transshipment of bulk cargoes.
October 2007
Launches the oil extraction plant in the Kaliningrad Region.
May 2008
First transshipment of oil at the Sodrugestvo-Soy terminal in the Kaliningrad Region.
July 2008
Launches food-grade white flake production complex.
September 2008
First transshipment of hard oil at the Sodrugestvo-Soy terminal in the Kaliningrad Region.
December 2008
Begins production at the second oil extraction plant owned by the Sodrugestvo-Soy.
March 2009
Begins production of fat-free soy flour.
June 2009
Begins production of lecithin.
Expansion of the port facilities of the Group’s Processing and Logistics Complex in Svetly, Kaliningrad Region. Additional dredging operations were performed in the basin of the Sea canal at the area of 414,000 m2, an extra land plot was built up with the area of 131,000 m2, new berth walls were constructed with the quayage total length of 2073 m, a railway terminal was built with the throughput of 5 million TPY, and warehouses for storage of 160,000 tons of grains, 184,000 tons of dry bulk cargos, and 30,000 tons of vegetable oils
July 2012
Professional and socially beneficial activities of Sodrugestvo received a high appraisal from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who expressed his appreciation to our team for the great contribution to development of the country’s agroindustrial complex and significant achievements in the industry
July 2013
Launching of the 3rd crushing plant (registered as a separate legal entity Agroprodukt) with the processing capacity of 5000 TPD of soybeans. The plant of such class is unique not just for Russia, but for Europe as well
May 2014
Start of production of Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC) at the new SPC plant in the Kaliningrad Region, with processing capacity of 200 TPD of White Flakes and total output of 48,000 TPY. The SPC Plant is the first plant in Russia manufacturing a valuable protein product used in multiple applications, from foodstuff industry to animal, poultry, and fish feeding and breeding processes
Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry awards Sodrugestvo-Soy with the highest National prize, Gold Mercury, as the 2013 Best Russian Exporting Company in the consumer goods sector
February 2015
Sodrugestvo Group is entered in the list of systemically important institutions approved by the minutes of the session of the Governmental Commission for Economic Development and Integration No. 1 as of 5 February 2015
November 2016
Sodrugestvo Group is awarded with the 2016 Quality (Management) Prize of the Russian Federation Government by the Russian Government’s Decree No. 1190 as of 15.11.2016 for considerable achievements in the sphere of quality of products and services, maintenance of their safety, and for introduction of highly-efficient quality management methods
May 2018
At the venue of the 2018 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum there was signed a Cooperation Agreement between Management Company Sodrugestvo, Government of the Kaliningrad Region, and Gazprombank for purposes of implementation of the investment project of Sodrugestvo-Protein for construction of a Protein Concentrates Production Plant in Svetly, Kaliningrad Region, with the capacity exceeding 160 thousand TPY of raw materials. The value of this export-oriented project is assessed as RUB 4.5 billion, it implies creation of about 130 new workplaces
June 2019
Management Company SODRUGESTVO wins the federal stage of the Russian National Awards established by the Russian Government in the sphere of international cooperation and exports, “Exporter of the Year”, in nomination “New Geography” in the category “Large Business”
June 2019
At the venue of the 2019 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum there was signed a Cooperation Agreement between Management Company Sodrugestvo, Government of the Kursk Region, and Rosselkhozbank for purposes of implementation of the investment project of Kurskagroterminal that involves construction in the Kursk Region of an oilseed crushing plant with the total capacity exceeding 1 million TPY. The value of the project is assessed as RUB 20 billion; it implies creation of about 450 new workplaces
August 2019
In the Kastorensky District of the Kursk Region there was held an official ceremony of laying the first stone to the foundation of the future crushing plant with the capacity exceeding 1 million TPY, attended by the acting Governor of the Kursk Region Roman Starovoyt, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Oksana Lut, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Rosselkhozbank Denis Konstantinov