• Talented and motivated employees, professionals having vast experience in managing large-scale projects in various industries are carriers of ground-breaking technologies and standards of business dealing. They are the key factor ensuring the Company’s stability and progressive development.
  • Apart from successful solution of business tasks of Shareholders, the Company’s activities are focused on creation and maintenance of an attractive value proposition for candidates and its employees.

    A structured corporate culture, well-designed system of appraisal and development of talent capacity, competitive policies of staff remuneration and retention, large-scale and technologically interesting projects allow the Company to engage, develop and motivate the staff, build long-term relations with every staff member.

  • We look forward to welcoming in our ranks highly professional specialists having the necessary competences and experience, meeting job requirements and our corporate culture.

  • We create a team of purpose-oriented people able to show initiative and find new approaches to solving interesting and challenging tasks. The Company is interested in specialists focused on professional and career advancement in an organization of international standing.

Social policy and responsibility

Ensuring occupational safety and health of each staff member is the Company’s fundamental priority.
  • The Company’s social policy as an integral part of management comprises objectives and measures related to providing our employees with additional benefits, services, and welfare payments.

  • We base our activities on principles of social responsibility and realize how important it is to know and consider interests of all stakeholders (employees, partners, shareholders, authorities, public organizations, mass media, and residents of the countries and regions of our presence).

  • We are well aware that people expect from us as a large-scale agro-industrial company stability, responsibility, and transparency.

  • We aim to fully match their expectations, consistently implementing a strategy of sustainable development.