SODRUGESTVO Group via its subsidiaries exercises control over various logistics centers  (warehouses) and ports, owns a specialized fleet of grain-hoppers and food-grade tank-cars, fleet of low-tonnage and large-capacity vessels.

  • Second-largest independent operator of specialized rolling stock in Russia’s agricultural industry

  • To diversify its logistics business and provide high-quality services to customers, the Company renders services both on a door-to-door basis and in separate segments of logistics areas:

    • Railway forwarding 
    • Port forwarding 
    • Freight 
    • Ship’s agency service
    • Tug fleet
Russia, FSU states, and all network 1520

Railway forwarding

  • Largest in Russia and FSU states

    owner of most up-to-date and young fleet of grain-hoppers (of increased capacity of 108-116 m3 and load capacity of 70.5 – 71 tons, built in 2009-2016), owner of food-grade tank-car fleet for vegetable oil carriage, and boxcars for packaged and bulk cargo carriage
  • Europe-Kaliningrad JSC, being part of the Group, provides high-quality logistics services:

    • Consultancy and preliminary calculations of rates
    • Freight forwarding
    • Providing company-owned rolling stock for technical runs and on lease
    • Information support of transportation during the entire railcar route
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Basin of the Baltic Sea, ports of the Black and Azov Seas

Port forwarding

  • The Company provides a complete range of services of intraport forwarding in ports of the Baltic basin (Kaliningrad, Saint Petersburg, Klaipeda, Riga, Liepaja, Ventspils) and ports of the Black and Azov Seas.

    We render the following services:

    • Stevedoring operations, including cargo storage and accumulation

    • Railcar positioning and picking

    • Container cargo shipments by railway and sea

    • Road transportation, consolidated cargoes

    • Customs services

    • Preparation and issue of shipping documents

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Basin of the Atlantic Ocean


  • Excellent expertise in the freight market in the basin of the Atlantic Ocean guarantees the high level of services we render in vessel freight
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Russia, port of Kaliningrad

Ship’s agency service

  • Shipping Agency called Morskoye Agentstvo Trans-Agro Ltd. provides ship’s agency services in the whole territory of the Port of Kaliningrad
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Russia, Baltic Sea

Tug fleet

  • Three modern ice-class sea tugs

    The tugs and their highly-qualified crew managed by the Company provide safe and high-quality services of towage, escorting, and mooring operations in the port, if necessary – firefighting services.

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