The International Limited Liability Company (ILLC) SODRUGESTVO RUS is registered in the Special Administrative Region (SAR) in the Oktyabrsky Island of the Kaliningrad Oblast

The Holding Company Sodrugestvo Rus ILLC (former Baltic Logistics Company) owns all Russia-based assets of Sodrugestvo Group. Within six months following the state registration, Sodrugestvo Rus ILLC will make investments required by the law into Europe's largest plant for production of Soy Protein Concentrate being constructed in Svetly, as well as charitable and educational projects in the Kaliningrad Oblast.
11 Sep 2020

The Board of Directors of Baltic Logistics Company – a company that owns all Russia-based assets of the country’s largest agricultural holding Sodrugestvo Group of Companies – has made a decision of redomiciliation to the Oktyabrsky Island in Kaliningrad.

As announced by Sodrugestvo Management Company, Baltic Logistics Company should be registered in Russia as an international company within this year. Presently, redomiciliation and moving the Head Office to the Kaliningrad Region – an area where Sodrugestvo Group has built Europe’s largest production and logistics complex for deep processing of oilseeds – is the best alternative for the Company and its shareholders, according to the Board of Directors.
22 May 2020

Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation visited Sodrugestvo processing and logistics complex in the Kaliningrad region

Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation visited Sodrugestvo processing and logistics complex in the Kaliningrad region. During the visit the minister was shown projects of the second stage of construction of the oilseeds processing complex and expansion of the deep-water sea terminal for transshipment of different types of agricultural products and other dry bulk cargo.
13 Jul 2013

ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy Receives an ISCC Certificate of Conformity

Following an audit conducted by Intertek Certification Body on July 11–12, 2012, ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy was certified for compliance with the requirements of the Certification System for Production and Supply of Biomass for Biofuels and Bioliquids from Renewable Sources (ISCC – International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) and was assigned a registration number under the ISCC system – 1587.
23 Jul 2012

The President of the Russian Federation commended the Team of ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy

By Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 318-rp dated July 12, 2012, ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy was commended by the President of the Russian Federation for its substantial contribution to development of the agro-industrial complex and the progress achieved.
12 Jul 2012

ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy is awarded a Certificate of GMP+ Conformity

The feed products safety management system is confirmed to be in compliance with GMP + B2(2010).
The Intertek Certification Body issued a certificate of GMP + conformity to ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy following its initial certification conducted in accordance with international standards by Intertek auditors in the town of Svetly.
07 Mar 2012

Award of the Government of the Russian Federation 2011 in the Field of Science and Technology

By Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 146-r dated February 06, 2012 for the development and implementation of a sustainable high-technology manufacturing terminal complex for the deep processing of oil-bearing crops, the following employees of OOO Managing Company Sodrugestvo were awarded the prize of the Government of the Russian Federation 2011 in the field of science and technology and conferred the title Laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation 2011 in the Field of Science and Technology:
06 Mar 2012


LUXEMBOURG and NEW YORK, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Sberbank and Sodrugestvo have signed a loan agreement today in Svetliy (Kaliningrad Region) setting a new facility for Sodrugestvo Group.

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16 Mar 2011


New $430 Million Project to Significantly Expand Capabilities in Russia

LUXEMBOURG and NEW YORK, March 10, 2011 – Sodrugestvo Group (www.sodrugestvo.com) has started construction on a new port complex in Kaliningrad, Russia. 

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10 Mar 2011


Balt-Trans Acquisition Positions Sodrugestvo as Largest Privately Owned Logistics Operator in the Russian Grain Sector

LUXEMBOURG and NEW YORK, January 18, 2011 – Sodrugestvo Group (www.sodrugestvo.com) has acquired Russia-based railcar operator Balt-Trans, the second largest operator of grain hoppers in the country.

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19 Jan 2011

Official inauguration of rapeseed processing line

On November 27, 2010, Nikolay N. Tsukanov,  Governor of the Kaliningrad Region  and Alexander V. Lutsenko, Chairman of the Board of the Sodrugestvo Group officially inaugurated the rapeseed and canola processing line of Sodrugestvo’s Kaliningrad facility.
27 Nov 2010

EBRD lends $40 million to Russian agribusiness group. Loans to boost oilseed production in Kaliningrad and improve agricultural logistics.

The EBRD is providing $40 million to a leading Russian agribusiness group under two loans signed today at the EBRD’s Annual General Meeting in Zagreb. The Bank is advancing a seven-year loan of $15 million to Trans Agro, a wholly-owned Russian subsidiary of the Sodrugestvo group, to buy up to 500 railway wagons, as well as a three-year working capital loan of $25 million to Sodrugestvo Soya CJSC.

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18 May 2010

The Management system of ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy Meets the Requirements of the Russian Version of ISO Standards as Confirmed by Certificates of Conformity

The production and terminal complex of ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy has elaborated and implemented an integrated management system in order to increase efficiency of organisation, to improve process control, and to implement management practices on the basis of different ISO international standards.
27 Feb 2010

Sodrugestvo Group reports the full repayment of its corporate bonds

On October 22nd, 2009 O.O.O. Sodrugestvo Finance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sodrugestvo Group has paid the coupon and the principal of its corporate bonds in full and on time...
22 Nov 2009

Sodrugestvo group agrees on a USD 250 million facility with JSC BANK VTB NORTH-WEST

JSC Bank VTB North-West has offered the Sodrugestvo Group a USD 250 million five-year facility, including a USD 188 million long-term loan and USD 62 million six-month revolving short-term loan...
26 Oct 2009

Start of Lecithin Production at the Production Complex of ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy

In June 2009, the production complex of ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy commissioned a lecithin production shop and started producing lecithin.
20 Jun 2009

V. L. Verigo was appointed to the post of director of Sodrugestvo Finance Ltd.

 On February 3, 2009 by the Resolution #1/9 of the sole shareholder of Sodrugestvo Finance Ltd. Vitaliy Leonidovich Verigo was appointed to the post of director for the term of three years, according to the Company's Charter.
03 Feb 2009

Launching the Second Oil Crushing Plant of ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy

On December 10, 2008, the second oil crushing plant of ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy was launched and started production.
10 Dec 2008

Income payment under the fourth coupon under Open Company "Sodrugestvo - Finans" Bonds.

On October, 23rd, 2008 payment of 4th coupon under unconvertible percentage documentary bonds of the Society with limited liability «Sodrugestvo – Finans» ...
26 Oct 2008

First Transshipment of Refractory Oils at the Terminal of ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy

On October 18–19, 2008, coconut oil delivered by ship from Europe was transshipped through the terminal of ZAO Sodrugestvo-Soy.
21 Oct 2008