The International Limited Liability Company (ILLC) SODRUGESTVO RUS is registered in the Special Administrative Region (SAR) in the Oktyabrsky Island of the Kaliningrad Oblast

The Holding Company Sodrugestvo Rus ILLC (former Baltic Logistics Company) owns all Russia-based assets of Sodrugestvo Group. Within six months following the state registration, Sodrugestvo Rus ILLC will make investments required by the law into Europe's largest plant for production of Soy Protein Concentrate being constructed in Svetly, as well as charitable and educational projects in the Kaliningrad Oblast.
11 Sep 2020

The Board of Directors of Baltic Logistics Company – a company that owns all Russia-based assets of the country’s largest agricultural holding Sodrugestvo Group of Companies – has made a decision of redomiciliation to the Oktyabrsky Island in Kaliningrad.

As announced by Sodrugestvo Management Company, Baltic Logistics Company should be registered in Russia as an international company within this year. Presently, redomiciliation and moving the Head Office to the Kaliningrad Region – an area where Sodrugestvo Group has built Europe’s largest production and logistics complex for deep processing of oilseeds – is the best alternative for the Company and its shareholders, according to the Board of Directors.
22 May 2020