• Pozdeevka Agro Logistics Centre (Russia, Amur Region)

    In June 2013, Sodrugestvo became the owner of this asset located in the Amur Region. It is a former cereal receiving station situated in the Pozdeevka Settlement of the Romensky District.


    The Center is directly adjacent to the railway station Pozdeevka and is technically designed for “truck-to-railcar” operation for fast acceptance from trucks and makeup of batches with a total volume up to 120k tons at a time, to be further loaded to railcars.

    The Agro-Logistics Center comprises:

    • Floor storage ¹1 (closed type) with an area of 5775.0 sq.m with two entrance gates and storage capacity of up to 23.000 tons of grains and oilseeds at a time;
    • Floor storage ¹2 (closed type) with an area of 7425.0 sq.m with three entrance gates and storage capacity of up to 27.000 tons of grains and oilseeds at a time;
    • Floor storages ¹3, ¹4, ¹5 (at open sites with section-by-section product placing);
    • Railcar loading line with the capacity of 175 TPH consisting of an intake pit for trucks (if loaded from trucks) and two intake pits of the grain storages ¹1 and ¹2 (if loaded from the storage), system of bucket elevators and chain conveyors, via feeding hoppers to be loaded in railcars. The line runs automatically and provides loading of railcars with the rate of 4 railcars per hour;
    • Purification and calibration line with the capacity of up to 200 TPH depending of the content of impurities, allowing product acceptance with high degree of impurities (from under grain harvesters) and bringing it up to requested quality parameters, to be further placed in grain storages for long storage;
    • Drying line with the capacity of up to 50 TPH depending on the product type, moisture release rate and ambient temperature, functioning in autonomous automatic mode. The drying line has a precleaning separator with the capacity of 100 TPH designed for filtering coarse impurities.
    • Packaging line (50 kg bags) with the capacity of up to 700 bags/hour;
    • Railway scales installed at the railcar loading site with the nominal weight of 100 tons;
    • Railway infrastructure with the total length of 2348 m, which includes: - dead-end track capable of containing 18 railcars (for spotting and picking of railcars from the station); - track for railcar loading for 12 railcars with the railway winch, three storage tracks for 54 railcars. Railcars are moved using the locomobile ROTRAC NN2488, engine power 246 HP, max trailer weight 2400 tons, total weight 24 tons, wheel-type propeller.
    • Laboratory equipped with devices for both rapid-test and analytic methods. All devices are integrated in the uniform accounting system with data upload function;
    • Automated robot-aided sampler providing samples delivery to the laboratory and returning samples back to the transportation vehicle (when necessary);
    • Two truck scales allowing operations in two directions for entry and exit with the nominal weight of 60 and 80 tons, 18 and 24 m long, respectively, integrated in the uniform information system;v
    • Truck fleet consisting of 6 KAMAZ-45143 trucks with trailers, engine power 280 HP;
    • 1 Telehandler DIECI Agri Star 38.10, engine power 127 HP, load-carrying capacity 3 tons, bucket capacity 3 m3, boom reach 9 m;
    • 1 Frontal loader CHANGLIN 956 GT, engine power 220 HP, load-carrying capacity 5 tons, bucket capacity 6 m3.