Commodity auctions

SODRUGESTVO Group is one of the largest agro-industrial complexes in Russia. We regularly expand our raw materials resource base, carry out forwarding purchases and build close partnerships with agricultural enterprises.
  • Commodity auctions for oilseeds were started by SODRUGESTVO Group together with NAMEX - National Mercantile Exchange JSC (MOEX Group).
  • Auctions are a simplified mechanism for launching tenders of new products/delivery bases, easy direct access of market participants to stock trading. Auctions are carried out in electronic form in the Exchange trading system. Upon results of an auction, an exchange contract of product purchase and sale is automatically concluded. Settlements in money and commodities are made over the counter.
  • Commodity auctions of SODRUGESTVO Group will become a basis for calculation of price indices for soybeans, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds.
  • Stock market index of SODRUGESTVO Group’s auctions is the only Russia’s stock market index for Russian agricultural crops that reflects a price level on the main purchase basis (DAP Kastornoye). It may be used by participants as a market transparent indicator of the value of most important agricultural crops.

Advantages of commodity auctions compared to the classical scheme of bargaining:

  • Liquidity – over 200 accredited participants
  • No need to search for a product sales market
  • Same conditions for all participants
  • No need for negotiations to conclude a deal
  • No need for contract approvals – a single universal form is used with an electronic signature
  • A price is received on a real time basis, and so is the information on supply and demand bids, deals, traded values
  • Long-term planning of deliveries and financial results, management of future cashflows
  • Using prices of conducted auctions as an indicator in concluding long-term supply contracts

Auctions are carried out daily from 11 am to 2 pm Moscow time:

  • Rapeseeds

    daily with purchases volume of 10,000 tons
  • Soybeans

    daily with purchases volume of 10,000 tons
  • Sunflower seeds

    daily with purchases volume of 10,000 tons

We invite manufacturers of agricultural crops for participation!